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Door Access Control generally refers to a system that can control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles, in, out and around a building or site. The benefits of using an door access control system include the prevention of loss or damage to capital assets and the reduced risk of personal injury to staff and visitors. Door Access control applications range from controlling a single entrance door to managing a large complex site.

Types of Door Access Control Technology
  • Smart Cards: Smart cards are small and tamper-resistant. They hold, transmit and encrypt data.
  • Biometric: Biometric or body measurement, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan to reliably identify authorized persons seeking access
  • Face Recognition: Face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person

Our Service Advantage

  • We are the leading supplier of FingerTec Time Attendance systems and time tracking for small to medium-sized businesses. Delivering complete solutions featuring time and attendance software and a biometric devices
  • Our Biometric Systems do not keep an image of the fingerprint but a template. A template is basically a number that is calculated based on various characteristics of the fingerprint. Such an approach is desirable so that unauthorized persons may not sneak in unauthorized images of finger print in the database
  • Our systems allow for dry, greasy, chaffed and minor cuts on the fingers
  • We can integrate the access control system to time attendance system
  • We also provide Door Access Control software through cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) hosted solutions. Web-based solutions offer a number of advantages to organizations of all sizes, including reduced implementation costs, fewer maintenance and support concerns, as well as instant updates and upgrades
  • Perfect for companies wanting an economical PC Based and feature rich Time and Attendance software and terminal solution. With these solutions your company will have an immediate ROI simply by eliminating payroll errors and avoiding the time consumed by the Accounts Department to manually calculate the Attendance
  • We provides access control security systems to organizations of every size. You’ll find it easy and affordable to integrate your photo ID, access control, time and attendance and other functions into a single card
  • We design and implement solutions that combine conventional methods and face recognition systems to create a new holistic experience. We offers customized Door Access control solutions

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