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Enterprises are quickly realizing the advantages of a unified network for voice, video, and data applications. Concurrently, wireless mobility is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to increase productivity through access to network resources from any location. IBT do deliver secure, toll-quality performance for wireless voice, high capacity data, and bandwidth intensive video applications.

Wireless networking is transforming the workplace environment by delivering previously unattainable, operational efficiencies. No longer just a conference room convenience, workplace mobility is now a strategic advantage for all lines of business including operations, administration, and other business and mission critical applications.

ICT organizations now face a new set of challenges to meet the increasing demands of an expanding user base, Integrating telephony, high performance data, and video that support a myriad of new applications, while maintaining corporate governance and information security is essential for today’s pervasive wireless networks.

BMCS delivers Indoor and Outdoor wireless Solutions.

  • Simple deployment with automatic discovery and configuration of APs without the need for channel planning or complex site surveys.
  • Easy to deploy and manage with centralized configuration and management.
  • Air Traffic Control technology eliminates the need for complex channel planning and delivers intelligence contention management while significantly reducing co-channel interference problems.
  • Scalable solution with platforms for large enterprises or branch offices.
  • Integrates easily with existing infrastructure and provides intelligent application aware call admission control and load balancing. Toll quality voice even in dense client environments with upstream and downstream Quos.
  • Multi-layered security including WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, automatic rogue access point detection, and mitigation without degradation of client performance.
  • Supports location based per user and group access policies to comply with and enforce corporate security requirements.

Outdoor Wireless Solutions

In today's business Enterprise ICT environments, the need for seamless business-class Ethernet communication services between multiple corporate facilities is critical. For example, multi-location healthcare facilities need to share resources and provide telemedicine applications; multi-location school campuses need to seamlessly communicate and offer distance learning applications; remote office businesses need to operate as one entity; among others.

As applications such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), video conferencing, high-speed broadband Internet access, rich interactive content and e-mail usage continue to grow, private network enterprise network operators need the most cost-effective wireless connection solutions to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

Traditionally, the option for transparent Ethernet communications between multiple locations or remote offices has been high-cost leased line services through a local service provider.

IBT enables private Enterprise networks to seamlessly connect multiple remote offices up to 40+ miles apart, with virtually zero infrastructure expenditures and no expensive recurring telecommunications services, all at a cost of only a few months of leased data lines.

IBT delivers outdoor wireless Solution with 20MBPS, 40 MBPS, 108 MBPS and 1.6GBPS throughput. We do place the product and solution according to customer requirements and required bandwidth as per application or data sharing.

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